Procurement Automation: Purchasing Portal System

Fulda is the B|KM integrated system for Purchasing Offices Management: it helps keeping relations with both internal customers and suppliers. Purchases paperwork within the procurement offices takes up to one third to half of the daily time. Fulda offers a dashboard able to automate the whole process and make it streamlined and in harmony with the Legal, Finance and Control Offices.

The watchwords are compliance and automation: in requirements, workflow, budgets and final validation.

With Fulda it is easy to check the supplier situation and apply the necessary degree of flexibility (or rigidity) in the management of the supplier register to achieve the economic and qualitative objectives set by the Management.

  • Requirements collection workflow. Demonstration of supplier selection criteria. The practices are processed by Fulda without any conflict with other control or accounting tools in the company
  • Order signature management and signature delegation. Multi-channel interaction with suppliers with outbound tracing
  • Direct flow from signature to automatic forwarding and certification of order delivery
  • Integration with the Legal Department for contractual control, adoption of framework agreements and certification of legal compliance
  • Purchase management with automatic and manual advancement according to risk thresholds or thresholds controlled by supply priorities or by the purchase volume
  • Time and productivity metrics for the purchasing department
  • Analysis of commitments and other metrics for suppliers and Vendor Relationship Management with supplier ratings and scoring.