Coslada is an integrated system of services for managing recurring costs and/or own or third-party goods or services assigned to company resources. Main target is fleet management and asset-resource discovery, association and management. The system manages the master data of these costs and monitors them on the basis of the characteristics that distinguish them in order to properly manage them daily, protect the goods themselves and contain costs.

The Leitmotif is to provide the Finance & Control /Operations/ Personnel Administration with timely and rapid management of situations related to recurring fees and services and costs through a central platform of control of the various levels of risk related to these services. Through greater control, it will be more immediate to identify situations to be improved both economically and qualitatively. Typically these services are:

  • Company fleet for hire or ownership
  • Office Materials management for hire and in service (printers, large contracts)
  • Corporate mobile phones
  • Conventions, tiles and other similar objects
  • Public area, for end-users
  • Portal for assignee’s for consultation and data entry; through this access each assignee will be able to consult details of their assignments (cars, phones, cards, other), consumption made, technical deadlines, technical documentation, forms and manuals; insurance complaints can be filled-id online and tracked, including infringements.
  • Operating area, for management
  • Integrated portal with contracts/orders and HR for the management of assignees and all the features described above by the relevant offices in the company.

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