Altona QAA

Altona QAA is a responsive tool for Quality Assurance & Audit. Auditing normalization is the key of the solution. Thanks  to Altona the execution of an audit will take minutes instead of hours or  days. Altona allows each organization to normalize the audit planning  and execution process through flexible templates, multi-user management, custom workflows,and a simple and intuitive management interface.


  • Centrality of audit data
  • Configurable workflow, terminology, and audit templates
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Encryption and data security
  • Management of privileges and roles for the actors involved in the process
  • Public area for customers
  • Multiple scores by perspective: trend analysis, risk analysis and multiple analysis perspectives (security,  HR, economics etc)
  • Integrated anomaly re-entry plan
  • Warnings, notifications and reports
  • Mobile functionality
  • Multi-language


  • Very fast auditing, in real time.
  • Complete de-materialization
  • Audit trail of all audit steps
  • Performance measurement for continuous improvement
  • Flexible standardization of audits, even in different areas
  • Unique platform for due diligence,quality control and any other compliance checks
  • Intended for both internal and external auditors
  • Mobile accessibility & Public area for keeping in touch with your customers


Altona is distributed by Valvonta Spain.

Plaza de los Comuneros,
6 Local 1
28821 Coslada – Madrid, Spain
tel: 34 915 350 166 | email: email | web: contact

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