Paper still wins

The reason why I’ll never change my Samsung Note smartphone for any other device is it’s on-device hand writing capabilities: I take notes anywhere by hand in a fast organized and natural way; my notes, my way, into “digital paper”. Yet I don’t consider myself a benchmark since I’m kind of a “geek” and gadget-loving type: it’s already three years I’m keeping that smartphone it stiked to my person -kind of a Star Trek Next Generation pad!

What I notice here is that human-paper interaction is still the best and most natural, no matter progress. I personally classify devices for digital conversion of human writing in two families: replicators and gateways. Replicators try to replace pen and paper with pointers and devices (such as my Samsung Note) while gateways focus on converting the human writing into digital, such as Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set.

Perhaps the key for success in this domain will stay in the writing gateways such as Moleskine’s set because, although some of us already are used to write into digital devices directly, there’s no better experience than writing your thoughts into paper… with no distraction, without obstacles.

Put your ideas into (digital) paper!