Altona CRM

El producto ALTONA CRM está especialmente diseñado para gestionar de una forma sencilla todos las oportunidades de negocio que cualquier empresa o autónomo precisa para llegar a conseguir nuevos clientes.

BPM is better

Why Business Process Management is a better choice than only process mapping in GDPR tools Companies and organizations are experiencing the first stage of a new digital support: GDPR management tools. We analyzed some of them. The problem In some cases the approach of the solution is technological -systems designed as if they were independent or of static nature- while in other cases it’s functional, thus technical in compliance matters, still specific. We classify both approaches as mainly marketing-oriented; not in order to criticize the quality of these tools as such but the fact that the solutions primarily are momentum-driven…

Altona QAA

Altona QAA is a responsive tool for Quality Assurance & Audit. Auditing normalization is the key of the solution. Thanks  to Altona the execution of an audit will take minutes instead of hours or  days. Altona allows each organization to normalize the audit planning  and execution process through flexible templates, multi-user management, custom workflows,and a simple and intuitive management interface.

Vermont VRM

B|KM Vermont addresses the need for a central directory for vendors and customers/counterparts. The Vendor & Counterparts Directory (VCD) provides a central repository of counterparts and vendors complete with roles and legal-oriented additional information (signing persons, legal referrers, etc). It can be synchronized with other systems such as ERP or Accounting systems by means of custom data integration via Nova CLM.


B|KM Haarlem is a solution for Asset and Incident management. Orientation of this solution is the functional field solution of managing multiple vendors in heterogeneous environments. That’s why Haarlem can’t be strictly considered a an Information Technology tool although it’s ITIL® compliant. Haarlem manages multiple brands, multiple vendors and multiple service providers for a global asset database and provides an efficient and simple environment for the user self-assessment of the assets location.


Coslada is an integrated system of services for managing recurring costs and/or own or third-party goods or services assigned to company resources. Main target is fleet management and asset-resource discovery, association and management. The system manages the master data of these costs and monitors them on the basis of the characteristics that distinguish them in order to properly manage them daily, protect the goods themselves and contain costs.

Nova CLM

Nova CLM, uniquely provides a rational, powerful and complete Contract Lifecycle Management platform that propels fast-growing companies and global enterprises. Nova CLM contract automation streamlines sales and procurement processes, delivers more control and compliance within organizations in legal matters and improves both sales and procurement performance. With proven technology, comprehensive services and expert guidance, Nova CLM helps companies around the world turn contract management into a revenue driver.

Il BPM è meglio

Perché il Business Process Management è meglio della sola mappatura ai fini del GDPR Aziende e organizzazioni stanno vivendo la prima fase di un nuovo supporto digitale: gli strumenti di gestione del GDPR. Ne abbiamo analizzati alcuni. Come per tutti i casi precedenti di nuovi processi di conformità aziendale, oggi c’è un numero crescente di strumenti sul mercato che affrontano la nuovissima legge europea sulla privacy, il Regolamento generale sulla protezione dei dati, entrato in vigore il 25 maggio 2018. Il nostro principale conclusione: questi strumenti per la privacy hanno limitazioni di progettazione. Il problema In alcuni casi l’approccio della…